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The kepu Case

From Waste to Value

Kepu phone cases are made with food production leftovers.

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The Kepu Case

unique | protective | earth-friendly

CO2 Neutral

Clean up!

Our compensation packages mitigate the CO2 emissions of your phone.


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kepu sustainable phone cases are unique!


kepu cases are unique. 4 different types of sprinkles, a dozen of colors. Hundreds of variants for your perfect case that represents your story & style.

kepu sustainable phone cases are protective!


kepu cases protect your phone against drops and scratches. That extends the lifespan of your mobile phone: a great contribution to more sustainability. Protect your phone AND planet earth!

kepu sustainable phone cases are earth-friendly!


Material made from rescued food production residuals, biodegradable on your home compost. No release of long lasting microplastic, carbon negative and 1% donations to our sustainability projects.

Welcome to the kepu world!

Discover the sustainable phone case made from food production leftovers.

Our biobased Material

Choose your Sprinkles

Our material is made from sugar, coffee, wine or beer production leftovers - visible as Sprinkles. Choose your favorite!