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Ergonomics or why our cases are so touchable

Everything eco? - Modern sustainable design for cell phone cases

Eco-sandals are a thing of the past - we pursue a modern, sustainable design without compromising on function and aesthetics. Today sustainable products stand by their origin and you can make a statement.

With our protective cover we want to underline the design of the cell phone and add our own touch. The source of inspiration is Scandinavian design with clear lines and flattering curves. Form-giving is the edge, which is also essential for the protection.

It was clear to us that a cell phone normally rests on the hand and is gripped from behind. An overly angular design does not correspond to the ergonomics of the hand. The edge is slightly angled for this purpose. The hand feel is much better as a result. Holding prototypes in your hands says more than a thousand words.

modern phone case design

The buttons are crucial for the function. Here, the feeling when pressing is also decisive. We often operate the buttons blindly. For this reason, we have thinned out the edge of the buttons with a flowing recess and placed tactile buttons with a minimal membrane. This makes the buttons easy to press and easy to reach from behind.

sustainable phone case design
You might be wondering if protection isn't also important in design? Of course! But the edges are mainly influenced by the elasticity and cushioning of the material. A bouncy ball is elastic and a sandbag has a high damping. Both lead to an optimal cell phone case material. Of course, there are still some tricks - but they remain our secret for now :-).

kepu phone case; unique, protective and earth-friendly