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The Sustainability Blog

5 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

We love coffee! But what to do with the coffee grounds? We show you the hidden talents of coffee grounds and 5 ways to reuse your coffee ground at home and safe it from the garbage can.

Naturefund: Planting Trees for the Rain Forest in Costa Rica

On it's mission to restore valuable habitats all over the world Naturefund is planting trees to create a forest bridge between two of Costa Ricas most beautiful National Parks - boosting biodiversity and capturing carbon on the way.

Batteling the E-Waste Crisis in Nigeria: The E-Waste Relief Foundation

E-waste is a valuable recycling source. To stop harmful practices such as burning the trash, the ERF promotes eco-friendly recycling practices, trains stakeholders and supports initiatives in Nigeria and the West African sub region.

Sustainability at kepu - get to know your earth-friendly case!

At kepu we set new standards for sustainable products. Our cases are carbon negative, made from rescued food production leftovers and fund environmental projects. Find out what makes kepu a sustainable brand.

CO2-negativity for phonecases - how does it work?

We think it necessary to take action against climate change. That's why we more than compensate our carbon footprint. Find out how we calculated our footprint and what a carbon footprint even is here.