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The phone case for #winelovers

The Wine Case is made from food waste! Rescued from regional wine production, the grape peels are visible as sprinkles in the case and make our Wine Case the most tasteful way to protect your phone.

How the Wine gets into your case

We upcycle what's leftover from wine production and turn it into a smooth, soft and strong material for our phone cases. Not only does it look incredibly stylish but it also saves resources. This makes it is really healthy for our planet.

Look forward to your next glass of wine!

Natural look or colorful?

No matter if you prefer soft and light tones or strong and vibrant colors. We offer many fabulous colors - mix and match it for your personal style!

Unser kepu-Team

kepu, das sind Carmen, Vinzenz, Julian, Lisa, Loretta & Andre.

Wir glauben an eine Welt, in der Nachhaltigkeit, Komfort, Spaß und ein cooler Style zusammengehören.

Deshalb geht es bei den von uns entwickelten Produkten darum, die besten nachhaltigen Materialien zu Dir zu bringen. Wir wollen offen und ehrlich sein, damit Du Dir Dein eigenes Bild über unsere Cases machen kannst. Schau Dich in unserem Blog um und frag uns, wenn Du mehr Informationen haben möchtest.

Choose from six marvelous colors

🌑dark: For those who love it deep and dry

🚀space: for the glass of wine under the blue sky

🌊fresh: minty fresh like a spritz

🌿jungle: for those who like to have wine in nature

💥loud: red wine is the only choice!

🍂ecru: sand colored for the bottle of wine beach

Some more colors are available with different sprinkles, have a look at our shop!

All colors we use are carefully chosen, non-toxic pigments and suitable for composting. So there is no harm done if you compost your old case.

...Du hast einen anderen Geschmack?

Du magst Kaffee, Süßigkeiten, Bier oder Wein? Dann findest du hier deine Handyhülle! Vier wunderschöne Sprinkles aus verschiedenen Resten der Lebensmittelherstellung machen jede Hülle einzigartig.