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  • How protective is the kepu case?

    Kepu means cape in Japanese pronunciation. Like a cape we protect all the covered area of your phone from scratches and abrasion.

    The case also protects your screen from splitting most of the time. Since the case cannot cover the display itself bad luck might strike and there might be drops which damage the display.

    We tested our case and found its protectiveness to be as good as other premium cases. So your phone is as safe as it can be with a phone case of this type.

  • Will my phone case biodegrade in my pocket and loose it's protectiveness?

    Short answer: No

    Long answer: For a biodegradable material to biodegrade it needs certain conditions, such as the right moisture, temperature and microbes. These are given in a composter, but certainly not in your pocket, bag, hand, etc. So no worries, your kepu case will not turn to compost while you use it.

  • The buttons of my case are a bit hard to push. Will this get better?

    With some of the casses, the buttons are a little harder to press. This is due to the biomaterial in combination with the sprinkles. In our experience, this will get better in 1-2 days and the buttons will become easier to press.