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  • Why are my kepu phonecase so unique?

    The Uniqueness of our phone cases come from the many different variants and the natural ingredients we use. You can choose from 10 colors and 4 different sprinkles - giving you more than 100 unique cases in total to choose from! And because the sprinkles are a natural material, no case will look the same. This way we make sure, you have a unique story in your pocket.

  • How many variants can I choose from?

    At the moment we offer more than 100 variants from 10 colours 4 sprinkles for 9 different phone models. Not every colour and sprinkle combination is available, as we are just starting and because overproduction, that lies around in a warehouse is doing nothing good for the environment.

  • How will the colors turn out?

    We have selected a wide variety of vibrant colors. We take care to represent the colors as close to the real deal as possible in our product pictures. However, every screen displays colors differently and the color impression of the cases may differ depending on the lighting.

    Also keep in mind that the sprinkles add their own touch to each case. As with all natural products none is the same. This means that things as their size, color, number and distribution will differ between the cases. Additionally the different variants of the sprinkles will change the appearance of the color slightly.

    We are very proud of the colors of our phone cases and are confident you will like them as well. You can show as on instagram with #kepustyle :)