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How it's produced

From sugar beet to phone case - a short video that explains a lot:

Upcycling is earth-friendly

Using the leftovers of sugar production to create your phone case is pretty smart:

It reduces the amount of specially grown resources needed.

The small pieces of sugar beet look uniqe and beautiful. We call them sprinkles because they are so sweet.

Together with our eco-friendly and natural colors, the case can be composted at home.

No microplastic, no problems.

Want to know every detail about kepu's sustainability? Click here.

Five marvellous colors

🌑 dark: like a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

🌌 space: as blue as a blueberry slush

🌻 daisy: the warm yellow of a caramel bon

💙 soft: the light blue of cotton candy

🌸 style: just like a pink marshmallow

Some more colors are available for our other sprinkles: the beer, wine and coffee sprinkles!

Find the other cases in our shop or simply try the configurator to create your individual case.

To the configurator

Below the Sweet Candies Cases you can also meet the team. See you there!

Meet the kepu Team

kepu, that's Carmen, Vinzenz, Julian, Lisa, Loretta & Andre.

We believe in a world where sustainability, convenience, fun and style belong together. That’s why the cases we develop are all about putting the best self-developed sustainable materials into practice.

We want to be open and honest so that you can form your own opinion about our cases. Check out our blog and ask us if you want more information.