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The phone case for #coffeelovers

The Coffee Case is made from food waste! Rescued from coffee production, the coffee husks are visible as sprinkles in the case and make our Coffee Case the most caffeinated way to protect your phone.

How the coffee gets into the case

We upcycle what's leftover from coffee production and turn it into a smooth, soft and strong material for our phone cases. Not only does it look incredibly stylish but it also saves resources. This makes it is really healthy for our planet.

Look forward to your next coffee break!

Natural look or colorful coffee break?

No matter if you are choosing the ecru colored Coffee Break Case or one of our many fabulous colors - mix and match it for your personal style.

Meet the kepu Team

kepu, that's Carmen, Vinzenz, Julian, Lisa, Loretta & Andre.

We believe in a world where sustainability, convenience, fun and style belong together. That’s why the cases we develop are all about putting the best self-developed sustainable materials into practice.

We want to be open and honest so that you can form your own opinion about our cases. Check out our blog and ask us if you want more information.

Choose from seven marvellous colors

🌑 dark: like a strong black espresso

🚀 space: like the blue night sky

🌊 fresh: minty refreshing

🌿 jungle: a lush green

💥 loud: is a vibrant red

🍂 ecru: for the natural cappuccino look

🌻 daisy: like a yellow sunflower

🌸 style: is a light rose

Some more colors are available with different sprinkles, have a look at our shop!

All colors we use are carefully chosen, non-toxic pigments and suitable for composting. So there is no harm done if you compost your old case.

...having a different taste?

You like coffee, candies, beer or wine? Then find your phone case here! Four gorgeous sprinkles from different food manufacturing leftovers make each case unique.

Check them out in our shop or try the "Create" button in the menu above. For more info about the material, watch the video below.