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All Phones Environmental Compensation


Will you help us clean up the mess we leave on this planet?

Our environmental impact compensation package aims to mitigate the consequences of using a phone. We keep it simple and lean to give as much as possible to the projects we fund with this compensation product.
For non-Apple-Phones we estimated the carbon emissions in correlation to the screen size, so just choose your phone size (small, medium, large) and you're good to go. The compensated CO2 should be more than your phone actually emitts in practically every case.
  • Compensate the ecological and social impact of acquiring and using your phone
  • Carbon compensation with Naturefund plus a donation for the social and environmental work of the E-Waste Relief Foundation
  • 80% / 20% for carbon compensation / social help
  • Carbon footprint includes Raw Materials, Production, Transport, Use, End-of-Life Processing (cradle to grave)
  • Covers three years of typical iPhone use with a world-average electricity mix
  • Carbon footprint is calculated for the largest available memory of the respective phone - better safe than sorry!
  • Based on own research

The amount of released carbon dioxide caused by your phone depends on many variables like: How large are the screen and the battery? How much recycled material was used in production, and which proportion of new material?

These factors determine the price difference that depends on the phone. What we or Apple*) have averaged for reasons of pragmatism is:

The distance between assembly, retailer and customer, how often you charge it, what specific electricity mix you have at home and if the phone is recycled or just stays in your desk drawer for the rest of your life. And this is to just name a few. The most important one we condensed into the compensation is the size of the phone's memory. It has a huge impact in terms of carbon emissions, but we compensate for the largest variant of the respective phone. Better safe than sorry on emissions! 


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All Phones Environmental Compensation