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Phone Case for iPhone SE II, iPhone 7 & 8 Soft


The kepu phone case for your iPhone SE II (2020 and newer), iPhone 7 or 8 in our calm and relaxing Soft color. Sustainable, biobased and made to match your style. And with a phone compensation, even your iPhone gets green.

  • Material: biobased on sugar production residuals plus sprinkles from regionally rescued food production residuals
  • Fully compatible with all iPhone functions incl. wireless charging & NFC
  • Carbon overcompensated
  • Phone production and usage carbon compensation option available
  • Integrated buttons for maximum protection
  • Silky texture for a safe grip and smooth feeling
  • Ergonomic contures for the best comfort
  • Highest quality made in Germany 

If you want to learn even more, scroll into the jungle below!

    Phone Case for iPhone SE II, iPhone 7 & 8 Soft


    Your taste - your sprinkles!

    Our material is made of sugar production residuals and we fill it with other residuals from regional food production:

    Sweet Candies: Sugarbeet crumbs and our sugar-based material are the sweetest way possible to protect your phone. Look forward to your next lemonade, candybar or lollipop when admiring the natural structure of the case.

    Forbidden Fruits: Red grape peels from the vineyards of Carmen's father. Apple pomace from the garden of Julian's father. Have your personal reference to tasty red wine, cider or applejuice in your pocket!

    Best of Grain: With the spent malt and husks from our local brewery we bring the taste of crisp cold beer, the smell of warm, fresh bread and the taste of crunchy granola to your mind whenever you touch your kepu case. Down-to-earth and simply perfect.

    Coffee Break: Wouldn't it be great to think of your morning coffee when turning off the alarm? No problem with our coffee husk filled material. This case reminds you to take a break and enjoy a coffee sometimes.

    Sustainable in every aspect

    We overcompensate our carbon footprint. The case is actually carbon negative, so no need for a bad consciousness when getting one.

    You can also compensate your phone’s carbon footprint by klicking the option. The footprint compensated is calculated for a three-year use and for your iPhone with the biggest internal memory, because these electronic parts have a significant influence on carbon footprint.

    Of course a kepu case is also vegan and our packaging is plastic free and recycled.

    And with every purchase you increase our donations to social and environmental projects that help fighting the downsides of mobile phone and accessories production. We give at least 1% of our revenue back to the planet. It's simply the better case.

    Made in Germany.

    Our cases are made in Germany. We produce ourselves and with partners which are all small family businesses. Even our packaging is carefully developed and produced in Germany - from 100% recycled paper. Highest environmental and safety standards as well as highest quality materials make kepu cases stand out. It's honest german workmanship.

    The kepu cases increase your iPhone’s resistance against drops and scratches. Your phone stays safe if you move through the urban jungle or the actual jungle ;-)


    What you need to know about your kepu case

    • When will I receive my phonecase?

      Usually you have your phonecase within 1-3 workdays.

      We are shipping all orders that arrive until Moday to Friday 14:00 CET the same day with DHL. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are sent out the next Monday.

      DHL usually has overnight shipping in Germany and 2-3 workdays within the european union.

      Local holidays in Germany or the country of destination might cause the shipment to take longer.

    • How does refunding work?

      If your case comes damaged or gets lost, or the case simply does not appeal to you when it arrives, just send it back to us.

      Reach out to our customer support to get your return label.

    • How protective is the kepu case?

      Kepu means cape in Japanese pronunciation. Like a cape we protect all the covered area of your phone from scratches and abrasion.

      The case also protects your screen from splitting most of the time. Since the case cannot cover the display itself, bad luck might strike, there might be drops which damage the display.

      We tested our case and found it to be as good as other premium cases. So your phone is as safe as it can be with a phone case of this type.

    • Are your phone cases carbon neutral?

      Yes, the phone cases are carbon neutral. We are trying to emit as little CO2 as possible. The rest we compensate with our climate partners. The phone case has a carbon footprint of approx. 167 g of carbon dioxide equivalents per case during its whole lives. This includes everything from raw materials, production to shipping and recycling.

      We do not only compensate the footprint of a case, but 1 kg, because the more the merrier!

      Additionally, for every case sold we donate a part of our revenue to social and environmental nonprofits all over the world.

      Find detailed information in our sustainability blog.

    • Where do you make the cases?

      We develop the material, produce our prototypes and develop the cases in our office in Darmstadt, a city a bit south of Frankfurt, Germany. The serial production of the cases is done by a partner a few kilometers from our office.

      kepu cases are made in Germany under the highest quality, environmental and safety standards.

    • Are the cases 100% biobased?

      Our material is a proprietary, environmentally sustainable formulation containing organic substances and to a small portion natural minerals.

      The organic substances (read materials based on carbon) are mainly made up of two parts: a base biopolymer which keeps everything together and organic residues, which give your case its unique and smooth texture as well as the necessary strength to protect your phone. The organic residues are for example agricultural by-products, valuable natural resources that we keep in the loop to support circular economy.

      The base biopolymer is DIN Certified for a “50% – 85% biobased carbon content” and the organic residues are 100% biobased. The minerals are of natural origin and essentially stone dust.

      The coloring pigments are partly natural, partly synthetic. Of course they are non toxic and the material stays biodegradable also under home-composting conditions.

      We are constantly working to increase the biobased content of our material.

    • What to do with my old kepu case?

      These are the three best options in our opinion.

      Sending it back: you are encouraged to send your case back to us. We will recycle it and make new cases out of it. This is the best option since shipping it back causes way less carbon emissions compared to making completely new material. Additionally, this closes the material loop, so we can help build towards a true circular economy together.

      Composting: composting will only leave biomass, water, minerals and CO2 behind - no harmful substances or microplastic. You can compost your case at home. Give it some time (2-3 years). Just like a comparable product made out of solid wood, your phone case won’t compost overnight. Industrial composting works as well, however please check with your local waste management first, if bioplastics are allowed in your compost bin.

      Disposal by incineration: This option might come to a surprise to you, as it is known for downcycling materials. However, as recycling of bioplastics is not yet supported on an industrial level (That's why we do it ourselves, when you send your old case back to us) it is a viable option. If sending back or composting is not an option for you, you can dispose of your phone case via residual waste to incineration. The incineration does release carbon dioxide, but only the amount, that was taken out of the atmosphere by the plants we used for our materials. Plus, the energy generated by the burning replaces the need of fossil fuels.

      Side note: In a landfill the phone case will most likely not biodegrade, but remain intact. For bioplastics to biodegrade, certain conditions are necessary, which are usually not met in a landfill.

    • Is your packaging recyclable?

      Sustainable products need a sustainable packaging! That's why we designed the packaging so it can be fully recycled in the paper cycle. The cardboard is even made of 100% recycled paper! This way we close the material cycle. Help us by giving the packaging to paper recycling.

      Here is some additional information for our french customers.

    • I have further questions!

      If we could not answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line - we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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